Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Skimm

If you're anything like me, you like to be informed about current events, sports, and world news. I personally don't have time to peel through The Washington Post every morning or read CNN throughout the day. I don't even have time to watch the evening news anymore! I need my news in quick, short bursts.

Enter, The Skimm.

My friends Kurt and Michelle informed me about this daily email digest called The Skimm. It's very brief, and gives you a lot of information all in one email. The writers--called Skimmers-- read all of the news stories for you (so you don't have to), and they write up the stories in language that I can actually understand. Not only that, they also fill you in on important details of major news stories that you might have missed initially.

Each Skimm always starts with a "Quote of the Day" and ends with a "Thing to Know". Today, I learned about Game of Thrones, Lebron James, fighting in Israel, NSA intelligence leaks, German spies, and the economy. All within a few short paragraphs!

It's great for making small talk. For example: I don't like watching soccer at all. I think it's a horribly boring sport to watch and play. HOWEVER, I work in an office where there are a few soccer fans and they are avidly keeping up with the World Cup. Every morning, I get my daily dose of The Skimm to know which team beat who and that gives me something intelligent to say to my coworkers about the sport they love so much.

The Skimm has been beneficial for me. I feel so much more informed about the world around me.

So what are you waiting for? Get The Skimm today!

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