Friday, August 29, 2014

Guest Blog Post: "A Little Wife's Happy Life"

I've been following this amazing blogger, Adrie, at A Little Wife's Happy Life. Her blog posts have been inspirational, thought-provoking and challenging. One of my favorites is the one where she encourages her readers create an intentional engagement, instead of simply planning for the wedding. Like me, she is a twenty-something Christian woman who has a deep love for sharing how Jesus has moved in her life. I feel so blessed to have met her!

Adrie is married, but she's got a lot of advice to give to single Christian people, so this month she's writing a new segment about singleness. I decided to write a guest blogger post for her. Make sure to check out Adrie's blog, and my guest feature: "Cherish The Single Life"

Peace and blessings!

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Adrie Little said...

Thanks again for writing a great post!!