Thursday, October 1, 2015

31 Days of Thoughts on Family

I have been invited to join a 31 day writing challenge for the month of October. For each day of this month, I will be writing on one topic. The intent of this challenge is to grow deeper into one particular topic, so I have chosen to write about family.

I'm planning to write about my family memories, what family means to me, and other related stuff! Let's start off with a story...

The month started off like any other. Flipping over the calendar, crossing out dates, and of course staying busy with work. Today, I had an all-day training class, so I stayed at work until 7pm and I remember leaving the office feeling exhausted. Right before I left work, I received a phone call from my paternal grandmother - we call her Ome.

Usually phone conversations with Ome last for at least 2 hours and most of the time is spent listening to her ramble on. But today was different.

She asked if I had received the wedding gift she sent me. It's a 12-piece set of fancy china, which is apparently a family heirloom. I did receive the china and it's beautiful; however, my small apartment doesn't have enough cabinet space to hold it all so it's still in the box.

She went on to remind me of the times we spent together when I was a little girl. Back when my cousins and siblings used to take trips down to Ome and Pop-Pop's house. Back when Pop-Pop was alive. Back when life was more simple.

Ome told me the story of how we used to go in her room, turn the lights off and 'write' on the ceiling with flashlights. We used to love doing that! I remember asking Pop-Pop (my grandfather) to come in the room so we could 'write' on him too. My siblings and I would laugh and laugh about that for hours!

This month, I hope to get back to simpler times like that. To remember the good times I've had with my family. And create new memories in the present time.

Here's to the journey!

-Bianca Lankford

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Chiereme Fortune said...

Great story!
I'm so glad to see that you've joined the challenge (girl, I need to catch-up).
Thanks for doing this with me and you are keeping me accountable!

Excited to keep reading.